— Sep 16, 2014

Around the Internet: Fitting Reading into a Busy Schedule

This blog focuses on the recently published infographic from Personal Creations which estimates the time it takes to read many...

— Sep 9, 2014

The Best Way to Improve Your Grammar: Be Mindful

In this post, I discuss what I believe to be the best way to improve your grammar: to be mindful. I also address how to become...

— Sep 3, 2014

Around the Internet: Modern Fascination with Dystopian Sci-Fi

This blog post discusses the modern popularity of dystopian literature (and dystopian sci-fi literature in particular). It is...

— Aug 26, 2014

Casual Language: Hard and Difficult

This blog post discusses casual vs. professional language through the specific use of the words “hard” and “difficult”....

— Aug 19, 2014

Around the Internet: Kelsey Grammer’s Twitter Mission

This blog post is about actor Kelsey Grammer’s mission on Twitter to correct people’s grammar. It features article links...

— Aug 12, 2014

Casual Language: Good vs. Well

This blog post focuses on two particular words as they relate to casual language: good and well. Deciding when to use which of...

— Aug 5, 2014

Around the Internet: Are We Overusing Exclamation Points?

This blog post is inspired by “Why Everyone Uses So Many Exclamation Points All the Time!” from Business Insider Australia....

— Jul 29, 2014

Celebrating One Year of Walker Editing

The business is one year old this week! This blog post hits the highlights of this first year.

— Jul 22, 2014

Casual vs. Professional Language

This blog post focuses on defining and explaining casual and professional language, or formal and informal language. It focuses...

— Jul 15, 2014

Around the Internet: Poetry Read Aloud

This blog post is about the importance of reading aloud, particularly reading poems. It features links to poems being read...

— Jul 8, 2014

Punctuating Fiction Dialogue

This blog post discusses the basic grammar of fiction dialogue. It focuses on punctuation and includes tips and helpful links.

— Jul 1, 2014

Around the Internet: Tackling “Bogus” Grammar Errors

This post focuses on my thoughts about Ben Yagoda’s article “7 bogus grammar ‘errors’ you don’t need to worry...